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Condition Assessment

Accurate and meaningful independent advice on the condition of existing structures

We provide accurate and meaningful independent advice on the condition of existing structures. We identify causes of deterioration, the impact of ongoing deterioration and requirements for rehabilitation, which plays a key role in our client's management of their assets. The extensive experience of our staff allows SASTTI JV to identify areas of concern that may not be immediately apparent and provide cost effective options for remediation.

Services which can be included as part of the Condition Assessment include investigation to identify any defects which may impact the life of the structure, recommended action including any repair requirements and dilapidation reports to monitor any changes to the structure over time. 

SASTTI JV provides condition assessment of a variety of structures, including:

  • Desalination Plants

  • Reservoirs

  • Sewers

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Stormwater culverts

  • Sewer pumping stations

  • Other concrete and Steel Structures

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